Cornwall Housing

Low Carbon Exchange were appointed by Cornwall Housing for a one year contract to carry out cavity wall insulation (CWI) works to a selection of their domestic properties. All homes were occupied by residents whilst works were undertaken and over 200 properties located across Cornwall were successfully completed within a year.

All works were undertaken in-house and included:

  • Initial survey to determine the condition of the cavity and the most appropriate insulation solution. This involves using a borescope to inspect the inside of the cavity which is completed for all properties we survey.

  • We extracted failed cavity wall insulation from properties (commonly extracting failed blown fibre insulation) and in some cases, removed blockages in the cavity such as builders rubble which can cause damp. We then either re-filled with a lightly bonded, water resistant bead insulation, applied external wall insulation as an alternative insulation method or simply extracted failed CWI only.

  • We have also provided a loft insulation top-up in many properties - a simple process which can be extremely beneficial to occupiers by minimising heat escape through the loft and roof, therefore, helping to retain heat in the home and reduce energy costs.

Resident Feedback

We regularly receive accolades from residents about our CWI teams including:

"Fantastic! The team had a tough job as there was a dreadful amount of debris in the cavity. They did a brilliant job of clearing the cavity and re-filling with the insulation. They were polite and always cleaned up after themselves. I was informed about the whole process. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone wanting CWI services."

- Cornwall Housing Resident

Client: Cornwall Housing
Value: £300,000/ £12,711.63 funding for CWI re-fill
Product: CWI Extraction/ CWI Re-fill
Dates: November 2015 – November 2016