Plymouth Community Homes

Plymouth Community Homes are a social housing organisation who own 15,000 properties across the city. They approached Low Carbon Exchange (LCX) in May 2012 for a solution to reduce the carbon footprint of their housing stock by 15% by the end of 2013. Plymouth Community Homes agreed that the installation of solar PV systems would be the most viable option as solar energy would offer the largest carbon reduction for the lowest investment cost. Solar PV systems generate ‘free’ electricity by converting the sun’s light into electricity for residents to run household appliances and lighting. Residents therefore benefit from reduced fuel bills as less electricity is required from the grid.


  • By the end of 2013, LCX supplied more than 1,000 solar PV systems and once fitted, the goal to reduce carbon levels emitted from homes by 15% was exceeded with a reduction of 18.82%.


  • The average system size installed was 2.85kW and collectively, the systems saved 151 tonnes of carbon dioxide and successfully reduced residents’ fuel bills.


  • In addition to supplying the systems, LCX completed EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates) for each property once fitted with solar PV to determine the energyefficiency rating per home.

Client Feedback

"PV systems raise the energy efficiency of our residents’ homes and therefore reduces bills considerably if used as instructed. We are hoping to achieve further carbon reductions year on year with more PV systems not only being installed, but continually monitored and maintained for maximum efficiency. There is an array of different renewable technologies on the market given current environmental standards and Government incentives, but PV just seemed like the most appropriate option. Not only can it be easily monitored, it only takes half a day to install on one property meaning quick turnaround, providing convenience for our residents.”

John Orr, Head of Regeneration at Plymouth Community Homes