Radian Group

Low Carbon Exchange (LCX) were appointed in 2011 by Radian Group to monitor and manage solar PV systems installed to their properties in an on-going contract worth approximately £24,000 per annum. Based in Hampshire, Radian provide 21,000 affordable homes across the South of England.

Originally, LCX were enlisted to monitor and manage 250 solar PV systems which for a fixed fee included:

  • Resolution of any registration issues
  • Management of warranty claims

LCX collect data from all systems 24/7. Any underperforming systems are flagged up on our system immediately and investigated swiftly by one of our regional engineers. This contract gives Radian peace of mind that residents are benefiting from energy savings, ensuring their PV assets perform optimally at all times and helps to guarantee they receive maximum returns on Feed-in Tariff payments.

At the start of the contract we discovered that the 250 systems had 4 different licensees and used 3 different metering companies. LCX were seamlessly able to resolve this by bringing them together onto one single preferred licensee for the effective management of the systems which allows for consistent reporting.