Property Surveying

Our team of surveyors are experts in diagnosing failed building fabric conditions.


High heating bills, property damage and health issues are often related to poor property conditions and many landlords are facing issues with damp, condensation and mould within their housing stock. We produce bespoke building fabric condition reports so whether it’s insulation, heating, ventilation or a lifestyle related issue you can be sure that LCX will produce an impartial report that will assist in finding the right solution.


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Tenant Education


When LCX survey a property for damp and mould we don’t just look at the building fabric we also look at lifestyle and how the occupants use the property. LCX provide free residents packs with DVD’s, booklets and Thermo-hygrometers to educate tenants on lifestyle changes that can drastically reduce or even eliminate problems. The first critical step is to acknowledge there’s an issue and then thoroughly investigate and report on the cause in an impartial and honest way.



Resident pack

We leave this with residents to help them understand how best to reduce problems and save energy.



This helps residents monitor humidity levels in the home.



We’ve had great results with our packs because residents can see the impact of the lifestyle changes they make.